Use Chopin to govern your data

Visually, Conceptually and Universally.



Does your organization provide business teams with the knowledge they need to make efficient and effective decisions?

Does management in your organization truly understand the business problems that need to be solved?

Chopin's mission is to increase data literacy at all levels of client organizations, so they can make data-driven decisions faster than they ever thought possible. 

Our solution embeds data exploration and knowledge sharing into problem-solving workflows. That results in dramatic decrease in the costly dependence between business teams and data management teams.

Visual dataset linking and exploration, hypothesis generation, knowledge sharing, support for reproducible research and faster decision-making.

Welcome to the Knowledge Revolution.


Knowledge is different from data

Chopin enables the extraction of domain-specific knowledge from raw data, connecting data points into a web of knowledge.

Organize all your datasets, find relationships between them, record every insight, and make your use of data traceable and reproducible.

Even when data is replaced or removed, your knowledge is still there.



Chopin is not another BI solution

Instead of number crunching, Chopin focuses on the top-half of the process of using data to solve business problems. Those steps are missing from Business Intelligence solutions.

Liberate your business from data preparation.

Utilize your knowledge to achieve higher goals.

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